Comenius at Galilei

The Comenius bilateral project - involving 22 students of the Liceo Galileo Galilei and 22 of the Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium Bad Harzburg - is in the final stages. After the exchange visit in Civitavecchia and Santa Marinella during which they were hosted by their partners' families, the visit ended on May 3rd.

During the stay we continued working on the project which had started the year before when the first meeting took place in Germany: the role of women in the twentieth century. The interesting material produced by all of the students was presented in the auditorium of the Liceo Galileo Galilei and is now also available on the websites of the two schools.

Due to the interviews which the 44 students (22 German and 22 Italian) conducted with their mothers and grandmothers, the work offers an interesting insight into how the situation of women developed from the beginning of the twentieth century. The data from the interviews was statistically analysed and then presented first for each country and then the situation in the two countries was looked at and compared topic by topic.

On April 22, the visit of the German delegation was opened by the Councillor Rita Paola Stella who welcomed them in the auditorium of the Liceo Galileo Galilei. Lateron followed the official visit of the Italian and German teachers and students at the town hall, the Palazzo del Pincio, where the Mayor Peter Tide - in the presence of Councillors Stella and Leopard and the Delegate for Youth, Giovanili Giannini, - officially greeted the guests. He emphasied the importance of intercultural exchanges and the knowledge of different European cultures, thus contributing to the foundation of a common European house.

The farewell party with a rich buffet, organized by parents of Italian students who hosted the young Germans, took place on the evening of May 2nd in the school branch in Santa Marinelly. The delegate of culture, Pine Galletti, representing the City of Santa Marinella, also attended the party to greet students and teachers involved in the project. The party then continued in joy and with a touch of melancholy to the imminent departure.

During the Italian leg of Comenius, both German and Italian students used English as a lingua franca both during the work on the project and during their free time. The German students, once also accompanied by their partners, visited Rome twice and spent a short weekend in Naples, but mostly lived for about two weeks with their partners and their host families in Civitavecchia and Santa Marinella, learning about and sharing family habits, emotions, entertainment; hospitality which they now experienced in return after the Italian students had been hosted by the German families the year before.

The teachers on the Italian side, Loredana Di Crescenzo, Cynthia Amorosi and Ileana Pietranera, cooperated intensely in the preparation and the ongoing organisation of the project meeting. The head teacher, Maria Zeno, expressed her satisfaction with the project which she had followed in its various stages and thanked all those who contributed to its creation: institutional representatives, teachers, students and of course the families of the students with wonderful hospitality.


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