When one is working on a project for two years, there are a number of results. Here you can find them.

During the first year of the project, we worked on the "History of Women in the 20th Century" both in Germany and in Italy. The results of this research were presented during the first project meeting in Germany in 2012.

Working with this background knowledge, we were able to create a questionnaire which we then used to interview both students' mothers and grandmothers in Germany in 2012 as well as in Italy in 2013.
The statistical analysis, younger and older generation shown side by side, reveals developments in each country within the memory of family members.
The comparison of the individual results (of older and younger survey participants) in Germany and Italy shows in some areas very similar results, in other areas quite surprising differences.
The results of these questionnaires were presented at the end of the project meeting in Germany in 2012 and - with the addition of the Italian survey results and the comparison between the two countries - at the end of the project meeting in Italy in 2013.

The second project meeting also focused on women who had "made it", leading to the presentations of "Five Successful Women" of the last century for both Italy and Germany. (Actually, wanting to include also a regional representative, German students chose to include a sixth successful woman who did not fit into the time-frame. Christiane Erxleben, native to the Harz region, is an important representative of women who have fought for their professional career - even though she lived and worked in the 18th century.)

All presentations are available on this website. They are listed under the menu item "Results" on the left hand side. Clicking on one of the images then will start the slide-show.

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